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Hosting Overview
Besides all of our standard hosting offerings we have additional services.
  • Virtual Hosting

    Virtual Hosting


    provides a separate server for
    each of the core web services
    and a maximum of 250
    sites on each web server.


    The other guys

    stuff their servers with
    all of the core services and between 500 and 1,000 website accounts or more.

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    Web, WebDAV, FTP    -   250 Accounts Max.

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    Web, FTP, Email, MySQL Database and DNS

    and from

    500 to 1,000

    website accounts or more!

    At WeHostMacs, we use the same approach to IT as large enterprise companies. Most virtual hosting
    companies run all of your services on the same computer, including Web, FTP, MySQL, Email and DNS.
    They often stuff these over-burdened servers with between 500 and 1,000 or more website accounts.

    We do the exact opposite. We break core services in to dedicated servers so each has its specific duty
    and thus provides better performance and increases uptime. We run a maximum of 250 accounts on
    any single web server. Our average uptime is in excess of 99.99%

    (Note: We do performance leveling on each server to maximize performance for you.)
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  • FileMaker Hosting

    FileMaker Pro Hosting

      In-House vs. Our-House (The Cloud)

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    Local direct control over the server
    In-House performance is slightly faster

    More expensive
    Off-site performance is slower
    Hardware maintenance
    Hardware upgrades
    Software updates
    Software upgrade costs
    IT personnel as needed
    Off-site backup system needed.
    BackUp power system needed.


    Less expensive.
    Off-site remote performance is faster
    No hardware maintenance
    No hardware upgrades required
    No software updates
    No software upgrade costs
    No IT personnel needed.
    Daily backup system provided
    BackUp Power UPS provided

    Less direct control over server.
    In-House performance is slightly slower.

    Either way you look at it hosting your FileMaker Pro database with WeHostMacs is a smart move. Not only will you save money in both hardware and software, but you will still have great local performance. If you have additional questions about WeHostMacs FileMaker hosting, please feel free to give us a call. We will be glad to go over your requirements. We are willing to accommodate your additional needs in most cases.

    Our average FileMaker Server Advanced uptime is in excess of 99.99%
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